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And I might be able to argue that Ricky had a better voice than him.

But he’s the third best singer in the group behind Johnny and Bobby.

One winter night at the Times Square Applebee’s in NYC in February 2003, I formally met a beautiful woman that I’d known tangentially during our time in college. Somebody mentioned Carl Thomas and she started talking about how much she loves him. In the case of Slim, he’s not only the worst singer in 112, he also cannot sing.

Everybody in Boyz II Men could sing and sing well but if you had to pick a “worst” he might be the pick.

I won’t pretend that John Legend doesn’t have songs that I like because he does. Also, if your mother grew up listening to 112, get off the Internet do your homework. It’s kind of a given like police brutality and Apple dropping technology to replace the shit you just bought in six months. I said, “that nigga can’t sing.” She looked at me like I’d just slapped her mother. I don’t give a fuck what your mama who grew up listening to 112 thinks. Ameriie This one might baffle you because most reasonable people know that Ameriie can’t sing. Blige that can’t sing, eschewing sound-goodness for angst and passion. Enter to win a 0 gift card to be used on Amazon.ca!Last week, I dared various individuals to come and test me now in a battle regarding two somewhat-storied and not-really-fabled singing groups from Atlanta. Summer Rain deez is usually how this conversation ends.


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