Who is rihanna recently dating

She wants them all to go out on a double date," the source said."[Gigi] loves the idea of her best friend dating Zayn's really close friend."Brown, 26, however, is not planning to take this relationship out of the friend zone anytime soon.

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The 47-year old supermodel then said that everything's fine between her and Rihanna, but it was followed by a seemingly subtle shade as she said that "she's an actress now" followed by a smirk.A couple days after the steamy PDA, the two were seen on a coffee date in Ibiza.Two months later, they tried to have a low-key get-together in London, but Rih was seen not-so-subtly hiding Jameel under her umbrella.Rumours were afloat about model Kendal Jenner and rapper Chris Brown dating after they were seen leaving a Paris hotel recently.Now, the reality star's best friend Gigi Hadid apparently wants to go on a double date with them.She even ordered extra pasta to go "because she said she often gets hungry around 2 a.m." Relatable.


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