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Opened yesterday, the exhibition explores the photographer’s recent journey through isolated territories of former Yugoslavia including Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia, uncovering a series of gargantuan, concrete monuments commissioned by the late President Tito.

Employing analogue film techniques alongside traditional printing processes, the photographs cast a window back in time at these statues. Pictured: Go platinum 29 November This year saw the 70th anniversary of Camera Press.

The pre-released batch provides a sneak peak into the high quality of entries in the open competition for the best single image, with striking aerial landscapes, intimate portraits, wildlife shots and stolen moments – like this one caught at a kite competition on Marseille beach in France.

Pictured: Shore to Shore 21 November The American photographer Stephen Shore soared to fame in the 1970s by highlighting the hidden spectacle of the everyday.

Mirroring this early experience in her current work, Raissnia continues to take photographs of stolen moments.

‘Alluvius’ – The Drawing Centre in New York’s solo exhibition of the artist – features two series of abstract charcoal drawings, inspired by Raissnia’s archival photography and found imagery. Pictured: Monumental imagery 30 November Throughout December, Marco Walker is showing a new body of work ‘Utopia/Dystopia’ in a private home in the heart of Mayfair.

Kennedy’s presidential campaign, the civil rights movement, and Andy Warhol’s Factory days, among other important milestones of the 1960s and 1970s. Pictured, Secret city 12 December Eddo Hartmann has traveled to North Korea four times since 2014 to gain intimate access to the closed city of Pyongyang.

He takes people’s portraits in contrast to the city’s sleek architecture and enlarged monuments, in order to capture the individual experience amid Pyongyang's highly crafted, political persona.


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