Validating email format javascript

But if the point of the exercise is specifically to practice coding without regex, well, yes, you will end up with some for of loop to test individual [email protected] DF Please do not link to w3schools.

Last time I checked, they were primarily known to spread broken/wrong information.

The if block in lines 3-6 checks to see if the email address in the first field passes the regex check by invoking the search() method on our email string value.

Nothing exciting here except in line 6 where the on Click event is triggered when the user clicks on the button.

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"I'm interested in hearing how it could be improved" - With a regex.

This event will launch the verify Email() Java Script function which will check the user input of the email address.

The best option is to ask the user to type their e-mail in twice and if you MUST use a regex checker, then tell the user that their e-mail address does not appear to be valid and ask if they are sure they typed it right.

This allows you to define a better way of catching validation errors.

There is also a Travis project used for testing, a Coveralls project used to code coverage as well as the annotated an open source component of Wrapp and is licensed under the MIT license.


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