Tallahassee speed dating

Since separating and divorcing from Trippy, Speed continues to occasionally document her life on her personal You Tube Channel 'Alli'.

Alli Speed and Charles Trippy met through social Media site My Space.

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(2.18.10 - Day 294) and Speed discusses her relationship with Trippy in - Alli Trippy Talks Love & Babies on The Moms View!Speed and Trippy continued to communicate and were friends online for nearly five years before they met face to face.Trippy held a competition on My Space each week called 'Pick of the Week' - Speed subsequently was chosen and Trippy sent Speed a Quarter and King Kong Film.- a Video posted to You Tube Channel 'The Moms View' on July 11th 2012.Trippy resided with Speed for a period of time in Spain, while she studied abroad.Trippy added Speed as a friend randomly on the site, as he was in a competition with a 'friend' to see who could get the most friends on My Space.


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