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We may be warned about fatigue beforehand, but often these warnings do not begin to encompass the totality of its effect on us and our quality of life. Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is a condition that researchers are still trying to understand.It is not simple tiredness that can be fixed by an extra nap or two.In April, I had surgery to remove the three bulging disks and to stabilize those three levels in my neck with hardware and bone graft material.I was out of work for nine weeks altogether, and recently returned, feeling very fortunate that I was able to do so.And don’t let your doctors brush you off with the usual bromides that you’ll be fine with more rest and more exercise. One of the problems that cancer patients can encounter when trying to get help is that their doctors don’t really know how to assess them for this kind of fatigue.I had to dig up my own information and ultimately find a research study nearby that was able to assess my fatigue and help me get treatment for it.

Three of the disks in my neck were bulging and compressing my spinal cord, leaving me with neuropathy in both hands, weakness everywhere, decreased balance and coordination, and increased muscle pain and spasms.

Your concentration can be adversely affected, and you may find that you are too tired and frantic to deal with ordinary household tasks. Before you even contemplate surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, you may feel exhausted.

Each step of the treatment path for breast cancer can add to your fatigue.

I couldn’t hold small objects or feel my patients’ pulses.

I couldn’t carry my work bag over my shoulder by the strap. Because I’m a physical therapist, I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, I would not be able to continue performing my job.


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