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(although I really thought there was something wrong with my player during the first few minutes because of the poor quality of the video!

Which just added to the realism.) I strongly recommend this film.

Sam is a determined paramedic trying to save the world while running from her past.

Three friends find themselves trapped in an underground parking garage.

Typically having unresolved issues with controlling parents, they can themselves be attracted to dominating, manipulative people—people, ironically, who are perfectly suited to perpetuate old patterns of parental abuse.* Very organized * Easily liked * Placators or appeasers * Helpful, supportive * Courteous and considerate of others * Interested in others’ welfare * Generous with own time and energy * Ready to volunteer * Accept delegation easily * “Company men”; very loyal * Work hard at pleasing others * Talented, skillful, and creative * Encouraging and reassuring * Go along with requests made by others * “Together,” warm, and caring persons * Fear of loss of approval * Fear of rejection * Fear of loss of personal identity * Fear of loss of personal worth * Denial of problems * Self-denial or ignoring of personal rights * Feeling lonely and isolated from others * Avoid conflicts or fights at any cost * Feeling not “good” enough * Feeling undeserving * Feeling inferior to others * Concern about satisfying others’ demands * Insecurity about personal abilities, skills, or knowledge * Unhappy over not pleasing others * Embarrassed by personal looks or behavior that displeases others * Confusion about why it takes so much energy to please others * Fear of not “doing best” for others’ sake * Fear of letting their friends and family down * Fear of failure * Fear of it being “found out” they are not as good as they appear to others * Fear that others will recognize their failings * Desire to run away to avoid the stress of “always” needing to be “good” * Exhaustion from always trying to be “perfect” * Disappointment in not being able to make everyone happy * Critical of how well they are doing in their personal lives * Feel unappreciated or taken advantage of * Feel taken for granted * Feel like they are being treated like victims * Fear of making a decision lest it be the wrong one * Come unglued easily under pressure; unorganized * Low self-esteem * Loss of personal identity * Loss of personal rights * Being taken advantage of * Loss of personal time * Ineffectiveness in managing work * Inability to direct or supervise others * Inability to achieve personal goals * Inability to take a leadership role * Poor problem solving abilities * Burnout on the job or at home * Chronic state of being unappreciated * Immobilized by irrational beliefs * Guilt over not accomplishing enough or not being pleasing enough for others * Inability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships * Loss of appreciation for self attributes * Inability to accept kindnesses from others * Chronic state of self-deprecation * Chronic state of being hard on self * Lack of trust in others’ sincerity * Chronic state of insecurity in interacting with others * Inability to make a decision * Do not know how to relax * I must be liked by everyone. * I must work harder to make things better for others. * The harder I work for them, the more they will appreciate me. * Your only role in life is giving to or helping others.

The characters were so believable and so natural that you really don't think of them as "acting".This can be difficult, especially if you’re being manipulated and guilted by someone who seeks to take advantage of you.Women especially are conditioned to take care of others’ needs in lieu of taking care of themselves or their own needs.The plot was a little less believable, but I don't think this film was meant to imply that this technology would ever become a reality to that extent.Although some of the technology does exist at the present time, Joe Mc Clean takes it to a whole new level. Some people say that you have to push through the first part of the movie to get to the "good part", but I found it interesting and engaging from the first minute.Chameleons, they endeavor to blend in, to be as much as possible like whomever they’re with. * There is no task I won’t do for you, large or small.


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