Private chats no pay

"It’s kind of game over at that point, they can do whatever they want,” he said. Google's "off the record" feature is designed to ensure that neither person can get a log of the chat.But even Google points out that if the person you're chatting with is using a third-party chat client that supports multiple chatting platforms, such as Adium, "it's possible that his or her software is keeping a separate copy of the chat history." So if you really want your chats with a friend to be off the record, make sure you know that he or she is actually using Google software before you spill the beans. The person you're chatting with is taking screengrabs.

Ken Mizota, a project manager for IT security firm Guidance Software, explained that non-encrypted chats have a way of leaving various forms or "traces" of data behind.If an IT administrator with the proper expertise was interested in collecting these traces, he or she could, Mizota said.Here are three ways your "off the record" chats could be compromised. Your employer is purposefully spying on your chats.Unlike with Snapchat, there's no way for one user to tell if the person they're talking to is taking screengrabs of the "off the record" chat."[Google 'off the record'] doesn’t prohibit the other person from taking a screenshot of your message," Gangwer said.My team must feel free to use our internal communication tools to have private, perhaps critical, conversations between each other without worrying about me, or other members of management, from reviewing them.


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