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You pay first and then we go get the new camera for you. Manager: I just got a call from the storage and the Canon Rebel XS is only in Japanese. At this point I thought that they really didn’t know that they don’t have the Canon in storage and had to come up with something so I would choose an other camera. Salesman: This is little bit older model so we have to get it from the storage. Salesman is trying all the tricks he knows to sell us something more expensive. But in reality the more expensive one might not be better hands down the best place to start your search for a free cell phone.It doesn't matter what type of free cell phone you're looking for either - whether you're searching for the latest i Phone or a simple flip phone just to make calls every day, looking around for a free cell phone offer is definitely worth it when you save the hundreds of dollars that you would have spent purchasing a phone.Complex internal mechanisms are hidden from the user behind the friendly interface.You can install Keylogger and use it immediately without messing with settings. Me and my friend already understood that he want’s us to buy the Fujifilm camera that’s only slightly more expensive than the Canon, but perhaps in reality it’s not as good as the Canon. Manager: It’s an older model so it’s only in Japanese. They know how to change the settings in the cameras in order to make you buy a more expensive camera. Manager: If you don’t want it you can buy something else or get your money back. They know what to say to make you feel good and “become friends”.

Today I’m going to tell you the first story of the camera shop that tried to trick me into buying something I didn’t want.

Alle Mittagsgerichte unter unseren Tagesgerichten servieren wir Ihnen gerne einen kleinen gemischten Salat zu einem Aufpreis von 2,- EUR.

Genieen Sie das Angebot unserer Kche bei schnem Wetter auch auf unserer Terrasse.

Auf all unseren Gerichten ist Parmesan, auer auf Spaghetti al Tonno.

Wir verwenden ausschlielich 18 Monate gereiften Grana Padano aus Rohmilch!


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