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Besides, they both wanted a more free encounter where they could let loose, move around and get all their fucks out. So before he even pulled into a parking space, she had his pants unzipped and engulfed his delicious chubby dick with her mouth.

It was such a mouthful and it grew until she could barely receive half without shoving the rest down her small throat.

Let off a little steam: Trade sexy "what I'm going to do to you" messages. Pulling and squeezing, things she wished he could do with them. He stroked his large cock while she groped her own boobs, as they innocently played with themselves. This was his house, and he'd already satisfied his wife.Pressing the big tool in, both their mouths in the "oh shit this feels unbelievable" shape.He fucked her like this silently, which was hard because they were rolling in pleasure - it was a wonder a yelp or two didn't escape.-- Morning glory -- The next morning they woke up and left for work and made sure it was 30 minutes early, because they wanted to fuck.He knew that while she was lost in lust and pleasure last night, she didn't come, and he felt that had to be rectified.They took a moment to switch places - she now sitting on the 2nd row bench seat, and her petite body laid back, scooted her soaked pussy to the edge of the seat. " She cried but not hard enough to convince him to stop. "You know you don't want me to stop." He went harder for a spell and knew when he hit her perfect spot, he watched as a huge cervical orgasm tore through her body and waves took her out of her mind.


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