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They split in 2003 before getting married and then again parted ways in 2008 – the latter nearly turning into divorce. Last year, Pink confessed on “Ellen” that she and Hart have taken breaks in their relationship. The other three students got similar treatment in separate proceedings, with none of them being informed of what the others had said.On April 8, just a week after they first heard of the accusations, the judicial board found all of them responsible and notified them that they were being expelled.She informed the Title IX administrator, as did the two women separately, formally filing a report.

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That left both the OCR and the courts without crucial information necessary to review the case.The sex was consensual; the live streaming was not.So “inequitable” was the college’s treatment of the accused male student that the OCR, better known for its aggressiveness in protecting the rights of accusers, has forced the college into a settlement involving wholesale revisions of its adjudication process to make it fairer to those accused of sexual misconduct.What makes the case so unusual, compared to others that have come before the courts and are public, is the sheer number of important procedural protections denied to the accused.In most cases, courts have found one or two things wrong, for example, inadequate access to witnesses or a failure of a school to adhere to the letter of its own written procedures.What also makes the case unusual is that it is believed to be a first for the government.


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