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It felt good to know that men are not the only ones worried over giving a proper gift that says, “This just feels right!

” However stressful this topic may be, it’s just a minor speed bump on the road to a long lasting relationship.

So when his birthday came around, she looked up the company he was such a fan of and bought him a cool – yet affordable – piece of clothing. This is a great example of how a little money, but a lot of creativity, can go a long way.

And trust me ladies, we like it if you help us dress. Plus, your friends approve and keep pointing out how much better this one is than the last shlub you dated.

(Just don’t get her a poinsettia—they’re mom flowers, they look super cheap, and they’re toxic to pets.) Pick a place near where she lives and offer to meet her at home beforehand, so she doesn’t have to carry those fuckers around all night.For example, a friend of mine surprised her guy with tickets to a hockey game – again not too pricey – capped off with a night at a local restaurant he loves.Needless to say he loved it and even snapped some photos for his Facebook page!” Here are four tips that will help you hit the sweet spot when buying a gift for someone new in your life: 1. Honestly now, who doesn’t want to get a present at Christmas? The best romantic gifts—even when the relationship is brand new—are ones that keep pointing to you long after the wrapping paper has been tossed.Even as adults we can’t help but feel that delicious anticipation when handed a package with our name on it. On the other hand, what you give really is important. Example: A sampling of chocolates from places you’ve visited around the world; a copy of your favorite book, with a note about why it’s meaningful to you; a special meal you prepare from scratch.On your first date she tells you her birthday isn’t until October, and you rejoice.


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