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Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5 Trotterville is excellent at “working with what they have”.

A lot of the sets are simple yet so wonderfully organized that it gives it an even creepier vibe.

There are plenty of places where you can be distracted by one thing only to be scared by another. In more than one room we were trapped and only allowed to exit when shown which way to go which was great at disorienting our group.

The whole place gives a feel of being trapped in a horror movie with no escape.

There are no guides on the walk through the woods, and actors (monsters) are everywhere.

There were some relentless monsters in the corn maze and you won’t get out until they are ready for you to.

The whole thing gives you that dirty, grimy feeling.

This haunt is a great value and still has the ability to keep groups spaced enough so that everyone feels they are all alone in the woods. Trotterville Horror Date visited: Submitted by: krb187 Scare Factor: 5/5 So far, this has been the most I’ve jumped all year at a haunt.Value 5/5 The cost of this attraction is between - dollars depending on which night you attend.They also provide a discount for Fire, EMT, or Police and free for military with proper ID.There were several well placed and very unsettling props throughout. My favorite thing though was the area with the bunnies.I have been waiting to see a haunt use animals somewhere.It amplified that nasty feel even further and gave you a feeling that they might just throw you in a cage too!


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