Gpp 3 solutions to updating of firmware

A Stages Link account is recommended in order to take advantage of the full range of features built into both Stages Dash and Stages Link.Stages Dash owners will always be able to access Dash management features in Link for free.5) Newly applied or reissued telecom card request to be activated,as following: plug it into common CDMA mobile to dial a mobile number with charge( cannot be a free call, such as 1000. 6) Sim standard small card, with thickess, 0.67mm, is recommended.The card 0.83mm, cut by the sim cutter, is seriously thicker than the standard.Pop up activation after selecting carriers Firstly, make clear the version information of the i Phone you want to unlock, which country this phone comes from? If selected wrong, please change another SIM card and select again. Pop up activation before you have time to input the activation code? Secondly, find the corresponding IMSI code in our website: Firstly, make clear the version information of the i Phone you want to unlock, which country this phone comes from? id=3, if pop up activation berore you have time to select, change another SIM card, choose “Other carrier” when the menu appears, input the code quickly and click “receive”, reboot and wait for the signal.If shows English signal, please reboot your i Phone.Please email our engineering team if any questions. Secondly, check the R-SIM or SAMSIM you have purchased, see if it’s fit for the corresponding version.

Setting the operator for RSIM 10 card Locked iphone is limited to use only contracted operator's SIM card. If you know the country and the operator of you iphone, you can buy relate RSIM card of the GPP default operators to unlock the iphone.At the end into “ settings - common use - Restore- Restore Net settings.If still have problem with the mobile net, pls try following operation: A.Pick up the telecom and separate with pad pasting carefully, Next,without pad pasting, Insert solely your China telecom card.Wait and open saw the screen show” Activation Required”,please kindly check the left up that would show the signal “Signal Circle 3G”,please don’t close phone,just drew out the Telecom card with Card Pin (tool).Status inquiry: *#5005*7672# Number setting: *5005*7672*message center number Number Removed: ##5005*7672#For USA Sprint i Phone with internal unlock card, when appear “No Service”, but can make phone calls: For such phones, please take out the unlock card and put the China Mobile sim card in the card slot alone, wait for the phone appear activation interface, then change back to China Mobile/Unicom card and wait for the signal along with R-SIM.


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