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The weekend call involved the Kremlin thanking the CIA for intelligence that prevented an Islamic State terrorist attack at the Kazan Cathedral, one of the most famous buildings in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Read the full story at America Rising, a conservative campaign research group that questions the global and scientific consensus on climate change, has filed at least 20 Freedom of Information Act requests focused on emails from Environmental Protection Agency employees days after the employees were critical of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, President Trump, or Pruitt's direction of the agency, reports.

The fact that more people like Melania Trump than President Trump "is consistent with Gallup's findings that recent first ladies are, on average, more popular than their husbands," Gallup says, though "Hillary Clinton averaged 1 point lower favorability than Bill Clinton over the course of his presidency." Still, like her husband, Melania Trump's popularity lags behind her predecessors at this point in her first year as first lady — Michelle Obama had a 61 percent favorable rating, Laura Bush's was 77 percent, and Hillary Clinton's was 58 percent. On Sunday, Chileans voted to give conservative former President Sebastian Piñera a new four-year term, replacing President Michelle Bachelet, who also preceded Piñera's first term (2010-2014).

Fewer women than men view Melania Trump favorably, 51 percent versus 57 percent, and the same is true of President Trump, with 33 percent of women and 50 percent of men viewing him favorably. Piñera, a 68-year-old billionaire, beat challenger Alejandro Guillier, a center-left journalist, by a wider-than-expected 9 percentage points.

On Sunday, he asked Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) for an explanation.

"The suggestion was that it was airdropped into the conference without prior consideration by either the House or the Senate," Corker said.


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