Friend dating younger man

I wasn't sure how to exactly bring him to work events without feeling like a cougar..a tinge of embarrassment.

It seems ridiculous now, because he's more mature and thoughtful than any of the guys I had previously dated.

Or should we take a lesson from Demi and avoid robbing cradles? They're Not As Independent"Most of my ex's were younger.

' ' I'm a student at Nassau Community College.' ' Oh what are you studying?I was the immature one for not recognizing it early on ...and being caught up in superficial things like age." — Nicole, 256.You’re perfectly entitled to comment on the trivia of their relationship, but should only tell her how you feel if she asks.He may be negotiating the minefield of meeting her friends, but don’t forget she’s got to get to know his, too. While she warned me there was a slight age-gap, I never expected a 34-year-old to turn up. He was perfectly nice, but it was completely surreal.


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