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Should the devices have the potential to be helpful in the investigation of a crime or even of “real time” use during criminal activity or a community emergency, the database will allow the police to quickly determine the availability of video surveillance.

Note, this will not mean that the SPD will be monitoring the cameras.

Using the SPD’s website, Springfield business owners or residents can register their video surveillance equipment with the police, and allow the SPD to access the footage if needed.

SPD will maintain a database of partners’ camera locations, vantage points and equipment information, along with details regarding the recording and storage of the data.

If a group does not remain active the signs will be removed from the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch is a voluntary program organized by concerned citizens to reduce crime in their communities.

Citizens complete a self-assessment of their homes, make improvements that help reduce their chances of being burglarized, and participate in Operation Identification.

Being a Good Samaritan is very admirable in today’s society.

With that said, in the police officer’s position, as a Major Crimes Investigator and Accident Reconstructionist, please don’t destroy the crime scene.

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