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Thanks Stephen, Last there hours of falling tide and first three hours of rising tide has always been the best tide to target most all species.Low tide concentrates the bait in the deeper water and the predators often follow.Once water gets higher into the grass, bait and fish start to spread out.As far as the OIB bridge goes, the black drum bite has been hit or miss there lately.The clearer the water the further back from the ball, typically 25 yards. Not sure how they feel about 30 , but if swell not too bad getting out the inlet, you could hug the beach off the big hill, Yaupon, or Oceancrest and maybe get bit.I plan on hitting the water tomorrow by the cherry grove boat ramp, any suggestions on spots, set up and best things to try.Also I have seen several different brands that you have used, What do you recommend? don't know impact to inlet but generally, our inlet is ok.

Guess I will have to look hard to find a few more fish in the next few days. As long as the wind has north to it, it will be flat along the beach front, so I would net me some pogies and get out in front of Long Beach Pier or yaupon, and catch me a October kingfish in July/August. Once the wind moves more east, it will be less favorable but still fishable right along the beach.Hot spots of late have been of course little river jetties, calabash crossroad area, Shallotte river and Lockwood river have all produced trout. I will be down at Holden beach next Thursday until the whole following week which is Thanksgiving. I know that they have been close lately but with this cold front that just came in, do you think it will ouch them off to the shark hole or even the Horseshoe? New to fishing in the winter months for kings when we can't find pogies easily. Where around the tower should I look for cigar minnows on the bottom to jig sabiki rigs for them? They should continue this weekend as nothing dramatic with weather this week and it is settling from cold front on Monday Pogies are up and down the beach, usually better off Long Beach.IF it is really nice I would like to get the stream if the fish are biting out there! If I need to go somewhere else before I go to the tower to jig them I will too. They will get harder to catch now as they being to 'run' vs "ball".Need a fast sink net that you can laaunch out in front of your boat Pogies will get scarace in Novemeber but we will see increased schools of cigars and boston mackerel.November hot spots will start off 90's and as water cools will push to jungle/shark hole then to horseshoe and 32 mile rock and in December/jan will be on ledges around the tower.I use a different knot[a Steve Shook knot] but would have to demonstrate.


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