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Why is it so important for Christians to get married?Marriage provides the training ground to breed new leaders and caretakers for the body of Christ.Young women are not urged to marry, but do missions, and if God means for them to have a husband, they’ll find one when the “time is right.” The idea of marriage is then put off indefinitely, with the focus instead on supporting church projects, ministries and outreaches.It occurs to very few that there may be little wisdom in perpetuating a lifestyle where both man and woman would have to resist and abide by a constant burn for intimacy and marriage for literally years without relief.The presumption is that God hasn’t meant for them to get married “at that time,” so rather than find them spouses, singles are instead pushed to do missions, missions, and more missions.Marrying early, despite no biblical sources to support their premises, is strongly discouraged.A persecution watchdog group says officials in China have shut down a church-run academy in the central Henan province where they accused the teachers of "brainwashing" students with Christianity.China Aid reported on Monday that one of the teachers, identified only by the last name Zhu, said national security officers went to her home in July when they closed the academy.

If a man has no necessity, then and only then is he is encouraged by Paul not to marry.

(Even David had his lions and bears before he finally confronted Goliath.) They are novices, and true to the warnings of Scripture, they become lifted up with pride and fall under condemnation.

And yet, the singles crisis is often ignored because it’s couched in the veil of good works.

Any man who burns however would not be able to serve God without distraction, precisely the advantage he was supposed to have if God had truly granted him such a gift.

This is the key distinction that too many churches gloss over.


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