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This was a difficult task, since some persons are not any too well informed of their own dates. Laura Dravenstott (6), born June 9, 1870, was married to Elza Ewing. To give an example, the author was in correspondence with twin brothers who severally fur- nished their dates of birth, and these were a few months apart. It is quite certain, however, that many letters were received by parties who neglected to answer them. He mar- ried Elizabeth East in 1880 and they have one daughter, Icie Shuey (6), born in 1882, living with her parents in Wooster, Ohio. 2, Jacob Riegel (5) married Amanda Heckadorn and had six children, all dead. He was a private in the Civil War, was taken prisoner and is supposed to have starved to death in Andersonville prison. This was a source of great disappointment to the author. Yoder, a farmer, and they had two chil- dren, Levi, deceased, and Ella May Yoder (6), who lives with her parents in Smithville, Ohio. 4, Samuel Riegel (5) was not married and died of diphtheria. Would that a more competent hand had undertaken it and carried it out to its conclusion in a better style. It is, therefore, presented to the readers in this form, asking their forbearance while they peruse these pages. How to get a clue to their history was perplexing, on account of not having the address of any one to whom a letter could be for- warded.

After seeing the book no doubt many will feel sorry that they did not bestow more care in furnishing items of interest. Their child, Jacqueline Ardella Hamlin, was born Feb.

Obligations are due to many who have kindly furnished facts. The reason why some sketches are given with much fuller accounts than others is at once apparent.

It is on account of not being able to enlist the services of interested parties, who with but little trouble could have furnished all the information needed.

Next to the sense of religious duty and moral feeling, I hardly know what should bear with stronger obligation on a liberal and enlightened mind than a consciousness of an allegiance with excellence which is departed, and a consciousness, too, that in its acts and conduct, and even in its thoughts and sentiments, may be actively operating on the happiness of others that may come after us." Copyright, 1919, By D. SHUEY [All Rights Reserved] ■ ■ • ■ • - To the members of THE SHUEY FAMILY and especially in memory of his SAINTED MOTHER who was a valuable assistant in deciphering old records and gathering information and to his BELOVED WIFE This Volume Is Affectionately Dedicated By the A uthor (EXPLANATION — The figure on the left side of a name in this book indicates the person's position in the family ; the figure on the right-hand side of a name indicates the number of generations the individual is removed from Daniel Shuey, the ancestor of the Shueys in America.) PREFACE It had long been the desire of the author to know from what country the ancestor of the Shuey family came.

In conversation with different members of the family, he was sur- prised to find how little they knew of the family, of its ancestors, and of the different branches, who had well nigh lost the con- nection with another.


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